Volunteer Information

Volunteer (In-Kind)

Volunteering is essential to our head start program. The success of the program depends upon active participation of parents and others in the community. Your knowledge, time and talent can all contribute to this effort.

By Volunteering, you will help us meet our non-federal match requirement, become acquainted with our head start program and help staff make it a fun learning experience for all. There is no time commitment to volunteer. You can do it at your time of convenience, as a one time event or set a weekly schedule. We appreciate all volunteer hours. To get started simply complete the volunteer application form (available as a download below).

All volunteers must be 18 years or older, please direct any questions to Navajo Head Start at (928) 871-6902

Volunteering services and goods are not a condition for a child’s enrollment in the Head Start program. Any volunteered services and goods must be recorded on the In-Kind Service form which will be provided by the Head Start Center.

Volunteers are crucial to the program and are always needed during center operation. Volunteers are needed in the classroom during group socialization activities, in the kitchen, on the bus, on field trips, reading to children, on special projects or cleaning the center. At home, volunteers can help prepare educational material or baby-sit for other volunteer’s children while they attend meetings. 

Volunteers MUST obtain a Navajo Nation Background Check BEFORE volunteering at any Navajo Head Start site. No EXCEPTIONS, all volunteers must OBTAIN Federal and Tribal Background Clearance. Any fees/dues are at the volunteer’s expense and are done in-house. No background clearances will be accepted that have been done without Navajo Head Start initiating it.

Benefits of Volunteering:

  • Your child gets more individualized attention through your participation
  • Seeing your child in a different environment
  • Learning about developmentally appropriate activities 
  • Getting to know and work closely with the staff
  • Opportunities for job placement

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