Eligibility, Recruitment, Selection, Enrollment and Attendance (ERSEA)

 Goal Statement: Navajo Head Start will meet family community needs.

Navajo Head Start provides two different types of services:

  1. Head Start Service for children ages three (3) to five (5) year olds
  2. Early Head Start Services for children ages zero (0) to thirty-six months (3)

To be eligible for Navajo Head Start, families must meet the program’s age requirement and income requirements.  To meet Head Start services, a child must turn 3 on or before September 1st.  Families must provide proof of age and income through Birth Certificate & Income Verification.

Navajo Head Start begins recruitment in March for the upcoming school year.  Staff will begin advertisements, onsite booths or through media.  Currently, our application is available on our website tab “parents”.  There you will find the a checklist to assist as you fill out our application.  Navajo Head start recruits throughout the year to maintain a waiting list.  The waiting list is revisited daily for updates, fill vacancies that occur and additional applicants.

Currently, the program utilizes a Student Data Base ChildPlus to track, monitor and assist families from Local, Regional, and Administrative Levels.  Student Data Base is updated daily by Trained Head Start Staff.

Parent(s) enrolling children must have a signed Enrollment Parental Consent Form before the child enters class.  Navajo Head Start provides opportunities and services for example Health which need Parental Consent.

Attendance is very important however the program does understand that absence will occur.  Therefore, all children are given opportunities to continue with Navajo Head Start.  Children with three consecutive absenteeism prompts staff to make necessary contacts through phone calls, home visits, and/or emailing.  These contacts are very important when declaring a vacancy and filling a vacancy.

Navajo Head Start does not impose any fee(s) for services.  Should this occur please call the Administration Office immediately.  Program contact information is available on the “Contact Us” Tab.