Family Engagement

Family Engagement & Partnership Building


Family Partnership Agreement

The Early Head Start/Head Start program assist families with interest, needs, and self-help information with entities such as: Self Reliance; Walking in Beauty; Special Diabetes; Family Advocacy for Disabilities; Social Services; Indian Health Service; etc. 15 EHS/HS provide informational trainings and /or referrals for the best interest of families to become self-sufficient.

Parent Engagement

Parent(s) participate in the Navajo Head Start through:

1. Navajo Head Start utilizes the “I Care Positive Parenting Character Curriculum” to define parental involvement. The “I Care Positive Parenting Character” Curriculum provides the frequency of positive interactions between a parent (or caring adult) and the child at home. Teachers and Parents support the classroom – to – home – and back process to increase and document the frequency of positive interactions.

Parents can assist in the classroom as a volunteer or an observer of their child(ren).
• Father Involvement
2. Developing shared decision making through program governance to support and provide collaborative efforts in improving the Navajo Head Start Program.
• Parent Committees are provided orientation /training; technical assistance; and support to carry out duties, roles and responsibilities.
• Parent Committee Meetings are open to the public and held on a monthly basis.
• Parent Committees speak on behalf of the parents they represent from their respective Regions and center/home base.
• Parent Committee serves as a link between Head Start and the public and/or private organizations.
• Policy Council Members and Parent Representatives report to their Regions and centers to discuss issues, concerns and to share information.


a. Local Parent Committee (LPC)

Parent(s) of currently enrolled child (ren) of Navajo Head Start Center and Home Base Program are members of the Local Parent Committee. LPC will elect officers and meet on a monthly basis. Officers: President, Vice-President, Secretary/Treasurer and Parent Representatives.

Parent Representatives will attend the Region parent committee meetings: One (1) Head Start Center Representative; (1) Home Base Representative; an alternate for Center and Home Base (for EHS Center or Home Base (1) EHS Representative and (1) Alternate).

*Head Start staff must attend parent meetings to provide guidance and technical assistance to the parents. The staff may answer questions, discuss curricula, lesson plans and activities, and provide program information.

b. Region Parent Committee (RPC)

Region Parent Committee is comprised of Parent Representatives from Local Parent Committee and Community Representatives. Region Parent Committee elect officers: President, Vice-President, and 16 Secretary/Treasurer and elects Parent Representatives and Alternates for the Navajo Nation Head Start Policy Council (NNHSPC).
Representative                                Alternate
1 Classroom Parent                          1 Alternate to represent the
1 Home Base Parent                            center, home base or EHS
1 Early Head Start Parent


c. Navajo Head Start Policy Council (NHSPC)

NHSPC consists of members elected from four (4) Navajo Head Start regions. They are parent representatives, selected Regions community representatives and alternates. Community Representatives are selected by the local community or business.
Community Representatives are selected through advertisements. Interested individuals must submit a letter of interest, resume, 3 letters of recommendation to the Head Start Agency Office. Each packet is reviewed and selected by an appointed committee.
Members                                           Alternates
1 Center Parent                                1 Alternate Home Base
1 Early Head Start
1 Community Member                     1 Alternate – member of Community
* NHSPC supports, recommends and approves/disapproves policies and resolutions.