Health & Nutrition

Nutrition Services

Navajo Head Start receives federal funds to provide healthy meals cooked daily for breakfast and lunch for children receiving services in classrooms. Staff work to ensure that meal sizes are adjusted for the age of each child from birth to 5 years old. Specials accommodations are made for children who are sensitive to dairy products, have allergic reactions to nuts or food items. 

45 C.F.R. 1304.20 Subpart B. –


Navajo Head Start staff work to assist families in meeting their young child’s health care needs. Some of the screenings that are required for all children participating in the program include:

  • 45 Day Health Screening Requirements – hearing tests, vision screens, social-emotional screenings (behavioral), and developmental screenings (thinking and physical abilities), and dental screenings.
  • 90 Day Health Requirements – support for families to keep their children updated with their immunizations, to find a health care provider for medical and dental issues, to provide further follow-up for children who need extra screenings and support due to having difficulty with their screenings. Staff meet with families if there are concerns identified for children to provide medical follow up and individualized support for chidlren.
  • Navajo Head Start Health Services Advisory Committee (HSAC) – Navajo Head Start has a Health Services Advisory Committee (HSAC) as required by the Head Start Performance Standards. This committee meets once a month every month of the year to discuss various ways of providing critical health services to Head Start children and their families. Members of the committee consist of the following professionals: Indian Health Service medical doctors, registered nurses, other health care professionals, health educators, AZ, NM, and UT county and state health organizations, and Navajo Nation Division of Health staff.  HSAC members come from various Navajo I.H.S. service units or contract health care providers. Members of the committee assist with helping Navajo Head Start children to receive their health screenings within 45 days of receiving their first services from Head Start.

Medication Administration

Children with food allergies/intolerances must have special diets. Please provide documentation so staff can plan for your child.
Medication: Navajo Head Start/Early Head Start has written procedures to accept and administer medication.  Parents must authorize the use of the medication, and bring the medication to the center to make sure all the required paperwork is completed.  Please give the first dose of any medication at home and discuss with your doctor about scheduling the medication so that it can be given at home if possible, rather than at school.  Absolutely, no over the counter medication and all prescribed medication must be in original container and labeled with child’s name. Sometimes, staff must receive special training on a medication. Arranging this may take a little time, so let the staff know as soon as possible if your child needs any medication while at school.