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STEM in Early Childhood Education Round Table

Join us for a rousing discussion of policy, implementation, challenges and success from our panelists as they discuss their own experiences incorporating STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) into their curriculums and answer your questions!

Thursday April 10th | 2:00 PM Eastern

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The 21st Century Scaffold: A Sneak Peek at April’s #HatchExpert Webinar

Written by Dr. Dale McManis on March 31, 2014
When we arranged to have Dr. Nicola Yelland speak this season, I told Ginny first thing that I’d like to conduct the interview for this post. One of my duties as the Director of Research at Hatch is to get new team members up to speed on what’s happening in the world of educational technology research–I always tell them to read “Rethinking Scaffolding in the Information Age“. I have been a fan of Nicola’s work for years. Her breadth and variety of research is very impressive and her commitment to the field is evident. Additionally, she has had the opportunity to approach the study of technology and early education from a global perspective.
Dr. Yelland is also our first international speaker! We have managed to catch her while she is visiting the United States from Australia. I was very happyto get a chance to connect with her right before she began her travels. I’m even more excited to hear her presentation. I know she is going to offer thought-provoking and stimulating new ways to think about how children interact with the technology around them, and frankly the enthusiasm in her answers is infectious. I hope you’ll be just as excited as I am for April 10th once you take a look at her interview.

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Family Engagement Through Music: Using Music to Support Parent Involvement in Children’s Learning at School and at Home & Build Stronger Home-School Connections

Presented by: Lili Levinowitz, Ph.D. & Lauren Guilmartin, M.A.

Research emphasizes the developmental benefits and importance of parental engagement in children’s learning both at home and in school. Although early learning programs understand the importance of family involvement, it is often difficult to find enjoyable, quality, yet realistic ways to engage parents in school and at home. Participants will be introduced to the ways in which enjoyable and accessible adult-child music activities and materials can connect children, teachers, and parents and provide educators with easy and fun ways to engage parents in their child’s learning, enhance the home learning environment, promote family engagement in school, and support a strong child-teacher-family connection.

Thursday, February 13th | 2:00 PM Eastern

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Understanding How to Use Real Time Assessment as a Tool in Curriculum Design

Presented by: Cathy Grace, Ph.D.

As more technology becomes integrated in early childhood classrooms as a way to track student progress, teachers face an increasingly common problem: what to do with all that data! It can be overwhelming for educators to develop curriculum that not only takes full advantage of the technology at their disposal, but is also flexible enough to change as the data changes. In this presentation, Dr. Grace will provide helpful insights into the power of data provided on children’s progress on a weekly basis in determining possible changes in daily lesson plans and overall curriculum design based on her experiences with the Gilmore Early Learning Initiative.

Thursday, March 13th | 2:00 PM Eastern

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